GPS Monitoring

One-Piece GPS Offender Tracking System integrates tracking, communication and mapping technologies. Operators can efficiently track offenders virtually anywhere, anytime, at varying levels of intensity through a single, compact body-worn unit.

WCRCC provides the region's courts cost effective, community based alternative sentencing options designed to supervise and educate non-violent offenders using evidence based practices in an effort to insure their success in becoming and remaining productive members of society.

Electronic Monitoring

A program that provides intensive supervision and services for 1) individuals generally convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor OR 2) juveniles adjudicated a delinquent or awaiting further hearings before the Juvenile Court.  The program participant resides in their home and is only released to attend work, school, treatment/education programs identified as part of their individualized case plan, or other activities approved by the Court.  The Evidence Based Practices case plan is developed focusing on specific needs that, if addressed, will reduce the likelihood that the participant will commit new criminal offenses.  While on the program, a participant's activities are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using electronic technology as well as frequent visits by program staff to their home or work.

How HD Benefits Indiana Taxpayers

Home Detention saves taxpayers $56.88/day per each individual serving their time on Home Detention. $56.88 is what it costs (per individual, per day) to incarcerate in Indiana's prison system. WCRCC supervises, on an average, 150 individuals. The result of HD being available to Indiana offenders is saving Indiana taxpayers $8,532.00/day & $3,114,180.00 annually.

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