"Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect" - (Vince Lombardi)

WCRCC's History

West Central Regional Community Corrections (WCRCC) originally began as Fountain County Community Corrections in 1990. In May 1993, Montgomery, Parke, Vermillion, and Warren counties joined Fountain County Community Corrections to form what is now WCRCC. WCRCC is the largest community corrections region in the state.


WCRCC's office was originally located in the Fountain County Courthouse. In 1996, WCRCC moved the office to it's present location in Veedersburg. Due to the demands generated by offenders in need of assistance WCRCC purchased another building in 2010 to house the Choices Counseling Dept., Jails to Job Program, hosts NA Meetings, hosts GED classes, and New Beginnings Dept.


WCRCC is currently staffed by twelve full time and three part-time employees. WCRCC is governed by an Advisory Board consisting of 19 individuals that include judges, prosecutors, probation officers, professional individuals outside of the judicial system, and local residents.


Choices Counseling

Robbe Chrisman - Counselor (MS ED, LSC, LCAC, ICAAOC, CADAC II)

John Espeland - Counselor (AS, APIT)

Zach Flaurr - Counselor

David Mankin - Counselor

Craig Rice - Case Manager


Danielle Snider - Director

                    - Asst. Director

Buffy White - Fiscal Manager

Mary Bentley - Receptionist

Sherry Bailey - Quality Assurance Coordinator



Brenda Bracken

Courtney Calhoun

Marty Clawson

Richard Florey

Case Management

Krystal Anthrop

Brock Mitchell

Joe Remaklus

Ryan White

Harrison Lescak